Covington First United Methodist Church

Who Are You?” Sermon Series with Michael Pence

Who Are You?
We live in a world where comparisons and contrasts are the norm. They really are inevitable. When considering this, the most important thing to have in place is the standard measuring tool. As Christ followers, that standard is Jesus. Our identity as a church and our individual identities as Christ followers is rooted in who Jesus is. There is no better way to understand who Jesus is than looking at who He says He is.


August 2
Who Are You, Part 2, I Am the Light of the World – John 9.1-12
Even though Jesus says He is the Light of the World, He also calls us to be the light of the world. How can this be? What must we do to be the light of the world? And what good can our light be? If we abide in Jesus, and it’s His light that is reflected in and through us, we can poke holes in the dark places in our world.


August 9
Who Are You, Part 3, I Am the Good Shepherd – John 10.11-18
Fortunately, we have an incredible Shepherd. The Good News is there is one Good Shepherd. So as we search for our identity in Christ, who are we in relationship to the Good Shepherd? To figure out who we are, we must listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd.

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Traditional Service

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